Mitsubishi Cordia

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Mitsubishi Cordia

1983 - 1986
4 cyl.
1.6 / 1.8 Turbocharged
58 / 70 kW
5 spd. man / 3 spd. auto.
Top Speed:
163 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Mitsubishi Cordia
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The Mitsubishi Cordia is fondly remembered by many who owned one in the 1980's, although the ownership experience soured somewhat over time, as most were punished by their youthful owners. In standard guise, the Cordia was somewhat of a big brother to the Colt, and was available only as a two-door hatchback with 1.6 litre Saturn engine mated to the Colt's dual range style transmission or optional 3 speed automatic.

Importantly, the Cordia handled and went reasonably well - at least by the standards of the day. The steering was rack and pinion, with MacPherson struts up front and fully independent trailing arms connected by Mitsubishi's U-shaped rear suspension crossover at the rear.

This setup certainly improved stability, - although the ever-present understeer found on the Colt managed to also find its (unwanted) way to the Cordia also. Braking was sure and constant with a reasonably good disc/drum combination safeguarded by tandem master cylinders and a dual cross line system.

Inside the Cordia was well appointed and very comfortable as a four seater, although it was rather tight when trying to shoehorn 5 inside the cabin. The luxury "GSL" pack added to the appointments list with power steering, power windows, headlamp washer/wipers and remote mirrors. There was excellent vision courtesy of the low waistline and slim A, B and C pillars.

Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo

While the standard Cordia looked a whole lot better than the Colt, it didn't exactly set hearts racing for those who enjoyed a spirited punt from time to time. But there was one model that went a long way to remedying the perceived lack of mumbo under the bonnet - the Cordia Turbo.

Under the bonnet of the Cordia Turbo was a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder engine mated to a turbo that had been carefully set-up to provide good useable torque throughout the rev range with no appreciable turbo "snatch".

The sweet 1.8 was tractable and smooth, giving the turbo version sparkling performance combined with exceptional fuel economy - provided you resisted the temptation to sink the boot. The Cordia Turbo was particularly popular with young drivers, and it was that very temptation that so often proved too hard to resist. Over the years, finding an example that had not been thrashed and trashed proved increasingly difficult.
Mitsubishi Cordia

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We had an immaculate low km 87 GLS in NZ in the mid 90s It was a great looking car with a very comfortable cruiser, with a good flat handling on the winding NZ roads, and a compliant suspension that was not overly soft but which avoided bump-steer on potholed corners. It was also a practical family hatch once we got our toddler into the back seat, and of course as reliable and economical as any small Jap car is. We enjoy driving but not fast, so hairdresser cars like the non-Turbo Cordia suit us (we have a Kia Koup now). Will post a pickkie shortly.
Posted Recently
I absolutely love these things and I don't know why there is so much hate for them they aren't even bad cars just because they did not exceed in a market with AE86s,S12s and Piazzas due to just poor marketing and not being a well seasoned brand yet just because of some stupid comic that showed a character in a forgotten car with godly skills and destroying ultimately better cars yet the love for them is outrageous even though the competition especially the piazza was just better in the only thing people praise about them which is handling and the piazza destroys it in that aspect and let's be honest some old hatch from the 80's is the best car that ever existed and the AE86 was actually a cost effective vehicle by borrowing many parts from the E70 and Toyota was surprised that this recycled plastic trash can actually had any popularity as they expected it to be forgotten almost immediately just like its competitors after just two years of production even though as I quote from Wikipedia they pioneered the medium classed sports hatchback scene in the 80's for Japan as the piazza was higher priced then and anyway you get my point this car does not deserve the hate it gets and if so why not be the same across the sprinter,Silvia,piazza,etc
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