Revolution Perrenti Car Reviews and Road Tests

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Revolution Perrenti Car Company

In global terms, it is widely regarded that Australia has more than its fair share of motoring enthusiasts on a per-capita basis. Over the years many have speculated as to why that is, and usually the conclusion drawn is that it is due to the sheer size of the Australian continent. Whatever the reason, the country has produced more than its fair share of home grown product, even excluding the major manufacturers.

You only need look at the Bolwell and Purvis marques, that today still boast a very strong allegiance of fans, to know that Aussie ingenuity could create something quite special (and please do not write in to remind us of the Zeta!). One lesser known car from the mid 1980's is the Revolution Perrenti Sports, a car that combined Chevy Corvette good looks with affordable and robust Holden mechanicals.
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Revolution Perrento Sports

Perrenti Sports

1983 - 1985
Using a complete Holden 1 Tonne chassis made the Perrenti a solid beast, particularly given the body was fibreglass. The doors would open as you would expect from any mainstream manufacturer, and the rigidity helped prevent the "as loose as a sailors buttons on shore leave" characteristic typical on lesser quality kit cars. More>>
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