Revolution Perrenti Sports

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Perrenti Sports

1983 - 1985
Holden 6 and V8
Typically 308ci
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
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4 star
Perrenti Sports
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
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Manufactured in Melbourne, the Revolution Perrenti Sports was a magnificently engineered and finished Corvette Stingray look-alike. The Perrenti Sports was the brainchild of Melbourne ski-boat builder Bill Kain, owner and manager of Revolution fibreglass, builders of the then very popular Hallett ski boats.

The first Perrenti Sports was displayed at the 1983 Sydney International Motor Show, where it naturally drew immediate comparisons with the Corvette Stingray. In the flesh, however, the Perrenti Sports was slightly longer than the Corvette, one benefit being that it offered true two-plus-two interior accomodation and a boot that was actually capable of holding some luggage.

While it could be understood that the additional length made the Perrenti a far more practical car, the actual reason for the extra length lay with the cars underpinnings. Each was built on a Holden utility or One-Tonne chassis, and also carried over all the Holden running gear. Revolution would built the Perrenti to various stages of finish, from a $7,000 kit to a fully finished, road registerable and warrantied iteration for around $30,000.

Using the full chassis made the Perrenti a solid beast, particularly given the body was fibreglass. The doors would open as you would expect from any mainstream manufacturer, and the rigidity helped prevent the "as loose as a sailors buttons on shore leave" characteristic typical on lesser quality kit cars.

The entire front body section opened forward on hydraulic struts allowing complete access to the engine and front end, in very similar fashion to the E-Type Jaguar. Even with a stock V8, the Perrenti boasted an exceptional power to weight ratio, and performance was always on the boil. Not unsuprisingly, the car represented several hundred thousand dollars in moulds alone.

For a time the car would become highly sought after, offering a driving experience and sheer good looks at a price point that put it within reach of many more enthusiasts - it is not surprising that there was a waiting list.

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