The MG Story: The MG Q and R Types

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The MG Story: The MG Q and R Types

MG Q Type
MG Q Type

The Q and R Types

Successor to the J4 was the Q-Type, an all-out racing car that fully looked the part. A sinister cover below the radiator shrouded the big Zoller blower, which hung between the front frame members - the source of 28 pounds of boost which forced 150 horses out of a bronze-headed Class H engine.

It was a sure race winner but had far more power than its classic chassis could use; so Charles and his team set to work on a wholly new single-seater to go around the Q engine.

Uniquely for a small racing car of that era, the resulting R-Type had independent suspension all 'round by slim parallel wishbones and torsion bars, hung from a remarkable 57-pound V-shaped frame.

Detail engine changes included the first official use of the 1-4 and 2-3 twin exhaust pipe layout that MG specials went on to exploit so well.

In spite of some unnerving wheel and body angles, the R was a revolution of handling and "stiction," though it was never developed far enough to pull the teeth of the twin-cam Austins. By any standards it was excellent value for the equivelant of A$4,500 - a thousand more than the heavier Q-Type.

The PB and R were the last of the less-than-a-litre MG's new concepts, and the end to factory racing came with the acquisition of the assets by Lord Nuffield in 1936.

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