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100 C1
1968 - 1976
The origins of the first Audi 100 have become legendary in Germany. When Volkswagen purchased Auto Union from Mercedes-Benz in 1965, they seem to have been motivated by a desperate shortage of production capacity for their ’Beetle’ model which at that time was selling faster than the cars could be produced.
1971 - 1995
Manufactured from 1971 until 1995, the Audi 80 shared its platform with the parent company’s Volkswagen Passat. The first incarnation was designated the B1, and was available from 1972 to 1978. Sold in some markets (including Australia and the US) as the Audi Fox, the Audi 80 was available in either 2 door coupe or 4 door sedan body styles
100 C2
1976 - 1984
The main features of the Audi 100 C2 were its cleanness and purity of line, a forward facing surface with no openings, and - for the first time - side windows completely flush with the body sides
200 5T C2
1976 - 1984
By 1979 Germany remained the only 'western' European country with no-limit motorways, so it was not surprising that it had a large market for fast luxury cars. Mercedes-Benz and BMW of course took the lion's share of the sector, but Audi's decision to invade the area in 1976 with their front-drive '100' was significant as well as courageous.
1979 - 1983
The Audi 5E was a good example of modern European car design. It incorporated all the latest technological advances available in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. It was not cheap, mainly due the high import tariffs being imposed at the time, but for those seeking a better car, it represented excellent value
1979 - 1983
The 5E CD marked Volkswagen's entry into the luxury market. The designation “CD” stood for 'Corps Dipiomatique', a term used to indicate the very high level of equipment offered as standard on this particular model. The CD was fitted with just about every available luxury feature as standard. The equipment offered included air-conditioning, automatic transmission, power-assisted steering, AM/FM radio/cassette stereo and central locking.
Arguably the greatest driver's car of the 80's, the original Audi Quattro had superb handling due to its innovative 4wd system. The Quattro was also innovative in that Audi had become the first car maker to put full-time 4wd to mass production. That's easy to understand, since the contemporary 4wd systems of the time were heavy, energy-inefficient and expensive. Moreover, for most road cars, 4wd was always thought to be unnecessary.
100 C3
1983 - 1992
When Audi released the 100, its lines, styling and coefficient of drag stunned the motor industry. The car, as a production model, had been designed in complete reverse of accepted practice. Instead of designing a car to meet its carrying and performance parameters, then smoothing out the styling, instead Audi designed it in reverse.
1985 - 1995
The Audi 90's competition came from the Mercedes 200-series and from BMW's upper 5-series models. It was a tough job to take on such competition, where image was what it was all about in this sector of the market.
In 1994 Audi contracted Porsche to help them develop and manufacture a faster road going car than their current S2 Avant - the result was the RS2. Based on the S2 Avant, Porsche installed a bigger KKK turbocharger to the 2.2-litre 20 valve 5-cylinder engine. Boost pressure was raised from 1.1 to 1.4 bar, and a revised engine management programme coupled to a modified exhaust increased power to an awesome 315hp
1998 -
Few would guess that the beautiful Audi TT shares components with parent company VW's Golf, or even that of the Skoda. Despite VW's common component strategy, Audi engineers were able to develop the beautiful sports coupe using the Golf floorpan and basic 1.8 litre engine (also fitted to some Skoda's)

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