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Unique Cars and Parts Member Image Gallery
1926 - 1938
The Riley Nine was the most popular of the pre-war Riley’s ever made, and with good reason. Enjoying a long production run lasting from 1926 to 1938, the Nine would undergo various mechanical and body style changes along the way, under the direction of two of William Riley’s five sons, Percy and Stanley. The mechanics, particularly the engine, were handled by the older Percy, while Stanley was responsible for the chassis, suspension and body.
1933 - 1935
Like the Kestrel on a smaller scale, the Riley Falcon was a stylish four seater, far roomier inside and aesthetically far superior. Sitting proudly at the front was the Riley badge, which housed the axiom of "As old as the industry, as modern as the hour," perched on the traditional honeycomb grille ahead of the louvered bonnet.
RM Series
1945 - 1954
These Riley RM's were at once liked for their graceful and flowing lines, well appointed and comfortable intereiors, brisk performance and good road manners - all of which impressed the motoring journalists and road testers of the time.
1953 - 1957
Powering the Pathfinder was Riley's 110 hp (82 kW) 2.5 Litre 2443 cc twin-cam, straight-4 engine fitted with twin SU carburettors, an engine that had been designed way back in 1926. Performance was excellent, the Pathfinder capable of a top speed of nearly 100mph, making it very popular with British police constabularies.
1961 - 1969
The Riley Elf and Wolsley Hornet were upmarket versions of Sir Alexander Issigonis's masterpiece, the Mini. The distinctive grille was the standout feature, while the tail received its own makeover, which included extending the length so that the car looked much more like a typical saloon.

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