Audi 200 5T C2

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Audi 200 5T

1979 - 1984
2.2 litre Turbo
170 bhp (127 kW)
5 spd man / 3 spd auto
Top Speed:
125 mph (200 km/h)
Number Built:
4 star
Audi 200 5T C2
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
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By 1979 Germany remained the only 'western' European country with no-limit motorways, so it was not surprising that it had a large market for fast luxury cars. Mercedes-Benz and BMW of course took the lion's share of the sector, but Audi's decision to invade the area in 1976 with their front-drive '100' was significant as well as courageous.

At the September Frankfurt Show Audi officiallly unveiled their long-rumoured super-100, designated '200', and in 5T form sporting a turbocharger on the five-cylinder 2.2-litre ohc engine. Using the basic body and running gear of the '100', the turbocharged model had the impressive maximum power-output of 170 bhp (127 kW) at 5400 rpm (identical to the Porsche 924 Turbo), but, more importantly, maximum torque was increased some 46 per cent over the unsupercharged 2.2-litre Audi five-cylinder motor.

The torque was notable at 195.21 Ib ft (27 mkg/261.77 Nm) with engine rpm at a mere 3200. There was also an unblown, injected '200' which developed 136 bhp DIN (101.41 kW), both cars having modified suspension and dampers to cope with the increased performance.

Both the 5T (five turbocharged) and the 5E (five-cylinder injection) had five-speed gearboxes as standard but there was a three-speed automatic on option (although in some markets this was reversed, with the auto being standard equipment). Four-wheel disc brakes (ventilated at front) were fitted to cope with (in the case of the 5T) a maximum speed of 125 mph (200 km/h) and a weight of 3890 Ib (1765 kg).

Externally the 200 models were distinguishable from the 100 range by their quad headlight treatment, built-in foglamps, wide front spoiler, low-profile tyres (Pirelli P6 205/60 HR 15) and special light-alloy road wheels. Standard kit included electric mirrors, sun-roof, cruise control and heated seats.

The 5T joined the small, elite band of cars capable of covering the standing kilometre in 30 seconds. Prior to their launch there was speculation that the new models would bear the revered, discontinued Auto-Union marque name of Horch, but although Audi adhered to their normal appellation, the new refined, highformance models were certainly in the mould of the old Horch tradition.

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Posted Recently
i have an 82mod 5speed audi 200 and is my pride and joy. had one in europe a diesel version made it look like a 200 and this one that i own in melbourne is a rare find originaly a south african import, i have spent time restoring it and makeing it look as it should. too bad they didn't come as a quattro. am looking for people who still have parts for them
my nr 0412355545 if anyome knows someone
200 5T
Posted Recently
The Audi 200 5T is an excellent car. My did over 340,000km on the original turbo. The 10 valve turbo motor is a remarkable engine- tough, powerful and torquey. The interiors last well if kept out of the sun. The 3 speed auto is smooth shifting but is not a strong as the motor.
Parts can be difficult /expensive to find and some maintenance items are difficult or time consuming. If you have the space buying a second car for spares is the best option.
Posted Recently
I hove owned this under-rated limo/sedan for nearly 15 years . With over 300,000km under it's belt even Audi never expected it to be this good. Being a VW parts/goodies car and the UR Quattro's parent/test bed makes this a interesting proposition for any car restorer wanting to be diferent. Very rare now as previous owners didn't maintain regular oil changes/services needed on early turbo cars. I did know of a guy who was an expert with this car living on the north coast / Q.L.D. and had parts but lost his contact details when I moved house. Look up ' 200 type 43' english web site for more info on this fabulous auto.
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