Ford Escort Mk.2 Ghia

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Ford Escort Mk2 Ghia


Ford Escort Mk. 2 Ghia

1975 - 1981
United Kingdom
4 cyl.
1993 cc
70 kW
4 spd. man/3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
165 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Ford Escort Ghia
Ford Escort Mk. 2 Ghia
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For the over ten years that the Ford Escorts was on the Australian market, it underwent many and varied model improvements, including different engines and changes to its  image.

Starting off with the 1.1 litre Kent, they had six engines in the next eight years, and by 1981 the 1.6 litre was offered on the L Sedan, with the option of the 2.01itre in the GL, and the 2.0 litre only in the top-of-the-line Ghia.

The Escort had unashamedly evolved from a basic and utilitarian 'point A to point B' vehicle, into a surprisingly quick and surefooted performer. The SOHC four-cylinder 2.0 litre engine developed a healthy 70 kW of power at 5200 rpm, with torque of 148 Nm at 3800 rpm.

Acceleration and performance figures for the four-speed manual were right on the pace; however the automatic was certainly not the sharpest instrument around at the time – although it was still quite respectable.

In manual guise, the Ghia was strongest in its first three gears and could achieve 0-100 km/h in 12.5 seconds, a figure which compares very well with other 2.0 litre vehicles that had a wider reputation for performance at the time.

Top speed was around 165 km/h and the car would cruise all day at 130 km/h, making cruising at legal speed limits very easy. And with fuel consumption figures of 9.6 litres/100 km and a tank capacity of 54 litres the Escort has a useful touring range.

For as long as they were sold the Escorts had a reputation for being easy to drive, and the Ghia's rack-and-pinion steering proved both light and accurate, allowing the car to stick to the road like the white line when cornering. Ford also offered a sports-handling suspension as an option with the 2-0-litre engine, which included an increased diameter front anti-roll bar, a rear anti-roll bar, and stiffer spring and shock absorber settings.

While excellent at speed some found the ride a little harsh on city streets, and not entirely in keeping with what the Ghia was all about. Although not possessed of a large 'look-at-me' factor, the Ghia was a neat, presentable car that displayed the stereotyping effect of wind tunnel testing on body design. Inside it was surprisingly roomy for both front and rear passengers. Standard on the Ghia but not on the GL were tinted side windows, electric clock, tachometer and trip meter, vinyl roof, front and rear bumper over-riders, and a timber veneer fascia panel.

Options included integrated air-conditioning, AM radio/stereo cassette, long-range driving lights, and, as a no-cost option, metallic paint. The Escort had improved consistently over the years, and the Mark 2 Ghia ranked highly in looks, performance, and trim levels, and was every bit the match of the all-conquering Japanese fours. Rarely seen on the roads today, it is somewhat unfortunate that only the sporting variety of Escorts are today seen as collectable.

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Posted Recently
He ppl. Im from the uk and I have 1978 1600 ghi. The shell is solid and could do with a paint. But beyond the shell is the simplest but powerful engine. Nothing quite like driving through town and turning heads as I'm sure this car brings back some happy memories for a lot of ppl. I have to say because these cars are very rare, the parts are collectible s for many ford enthusiasts. So the best place to get original ford parts are from private sellers on eBay etc or through clubs. Prepare to buy either reconditioned parts or have them reconditioned yourself, unless you buy after market parts. My problem is trying to find the last piece of the 4 piece original exhaust. I hope you managed to find somewhere to supply your ghia
Posted Recently
hey guys i have recently bought a 1980 ford escort mk2, apparently it is an original 2.0 ghia, all the interior has been re done, and after reading this info on them i realised theres a few differences, like mine only has the basic dash, it has some rust but i am in the process of fixing it all up to as close to original as i can, i have loved these cars for a long time, but if anybody has any good information about them or any information on where to get all sorts of parts for it in australia, especially in the nsw region,pleaseemail me on, [email protected] *** , thanks heaps guys
Posted Recently
In need of help,
I live in Australia and recently purchased a 1977 GL MK2 Ford Escort, which the compliance plate states was built in South Africa.
can anyone enlighten me as to if this vehicle is a rare purchase, as unable to find anything on the internet relating to this vehicle type made in South Africa
can be contacted by email at
[email protected] ***
Posted Recently
i own a 77 escort ghia with a 2 litre it was in very bad shape when i got it in dec 09 but now the vynil roof has gone and she is rust free and shines like the sky is blue i live in australia and its nice to drive something diffrent.
chris mcgrath
Posted Recently
I have an escort giha 77 1.6 ltr man. I picked it up cheap & now 2years later it prrs like a purrs like a cat and its original. including plates & bill off sale. Great car
Posted Recently
I would not agree that only the sporting versions are seen as collectable. Because there are so few good examples remaining, 4-door versions especially Ghia trim level cars are becoming very popular with enthusiasts who can see the value of saving them from the dreaded tin worm.
Thembinkosi Majola
Posted Recently
I really enjoyed reading more about this car because I own one and im only 21:) freaky hey. Im from South Africa and many of the same cars i've seen are almost beyond repair and the only problem i've found about the car is that it's always out of wheel alignment and balancing, which is dangerous when your traveling at 120km/h. but all in all... i like the car.
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