Wolseley 6 110

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Wolseley 6-110 Car Review

Wolseley 6 110

Wolseley 6 110

1961 - 1968
Soviet Union
6 cyl.
2912 cc
120 bhp @ 4,750 rpm
3/4 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
102 mph
Number Built:
2 star
Wolseley 6 110
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
Our Rating: 2


By 1959 Wolseley had been used as an upmarket marque for the Nuffield group for several decades, and cars wearing the famous moniker were world renowned for being both more comfortable and better equipped.

Based on the Austin A99, the Wolseley 6/99 afforded a very compliant and comfortable ride courtesy of independent coil spring suspension at the front, with roll-bars being fitted both front and rear.

The “Lockheed” disc brakes were ahead of their time, as was the all-synchro BMC three speed gearbox, which was fitted with Borg-Warner overdrive on both second and third (top) gears.

For the £106 pound premium over the Austin, the Wolseley driver of course received the famous Wolseley grille complete with auxiliary lamps, distinctive duotone colour schemes and a much more upmarket interior, which included walnut veneer facia, real leather and individually adjustable front seats. Options included fitment of an automatic transmission, and/or “Normalair” air-conditioning.

In 1961 the 6/99 was replaced by the 6/110, and although it was identical in appearance, the mechanical improvements were enough to justify the designation change.

The compression ratio of the C series 2912cc engine was increased, as was the camshaft lift, while there were minor modifications made to the valve timing and distributor.

The rear suspension was also slightly improved, most notably the number of leaves in the rear leaf springs, up from eight in the 6/99 to eleven in the 6/110. Shortly after the release of the 6/110 Wolseley introduced power steering as an option.

The Mark II. Wolseley 6/110 was released in 1964, and revisions included better brakes (the front discs were thicker, while the rear brakes were now self-adjusting) and a four-speed floor-mounted transmission. The rear suspension was improved by the fitment of telescopic shock absorbers.

Interestingly, the wheel size was reduced from 14 inch to 13, and the number of leafs in the springs was reduced from eleven to seven (due to the fitment of the shock absorbers). Production of the 6/110 Mark II finally came to an end in March 1968.

Wolseley 6/110 engine
Quoting the sales literature released by Wolseley with the introduction of the 6/110; "The Wolseley 6/110, in terms of performance and luxury represents value-for-money unmatched in the three-litre six cylinder class. For the business executive or the professional man there is no finer combination than exists in this superb Wolseley, of intrinsic worth and prestige value"

"The 6/110 is the largest and finest car in the Wolseley range and stems from the highly successful Pinini Farina Wolseley six-cylinder car, its immediate predecessor. Externally the 6/110 is similar but certain important technical changes resulting in improved performance, safety and comfort have been included in the new specification".

"The 6/110 is available with overdrive as standard equipment or alternatively with fully automatic transmission as an optional extra. New exterior colours and duotone schemes provide a choice of extremely durable and attractive finishes".
Wolseley 6 110

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